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If we are totally honest, we all constantly struggle in the area of communication. It is unavoidable. We are in always contact with family, friends, acquaintances, coworkers and strangers. There are many different options to communicate. Written notes, phone, text, email, Tweets, and Facebook messages immediately come to mind. In this constant sharing of information with others,  I have noticed that often you will send an email, text or phone call and never hear back from the recipient. If you do get a response, it could easily take a week…read more


Words Can Be Powerful

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Words can be very powerful. Words can stir something inside. Words have the potential to change how people view things. Words can change how people live. Writing is easy, but getting STARTED is actually very hard. Resistance attacks like waves rolling into shore. You have two options, sink or swim. Fight it or give in. I choose to fight. I choose to keep writing more words.  



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Football is a fun past time. Football is a distraction. Football is an obsession. Of those three statements listed, one of them will probably resonate with you.  I sincerely hope it is not the third. If you plan your life around games and don’t focus on what is REALLY important, you will miss so many other things. Call a loved one just to talk about life. Write a letter to someone you care about. Work on something that inspires you. Read a book and learn something new. Go live your…read more


My Apology to Taylor Swift

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I would like to formally apologize to Taylor Swift. I have been a very harsh critic of her singing on Twitter. First, I would turn on a music awards show on the television. Then after Taylor Swift would perform one of her songs, I would immediately slam the performance on Twitter with negative comments. In the back of my mind, I told myself two lies. The first lie was that Taylor is not a good performer. The second lie was that she was given all of this success and did…read more


The unintentional hiatus

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Last weekend, I went to Ohio to visit family over the long weekend. I thought about taking my laptop, but decided to just take my iPod. Little did I know, this would lead to an unintentional hiatus of not writing for over four days. What did I do instead? Spent time hanging out with my nieces, took my daughter for a tractor ride and played some fuzzy electric guitar with my brother-in-law. I even caught some of the Star Wars marathon. Overall, it was a great trip. I felt pretty…read more