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Smells Like Teen (or Adult) Boredom

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  I tweet on Twitter. I like on Facebook. I wear headphones to listen to audio on my computer. I stare at bright screens filled with shapes and colors. I read countless words on the page and screen. Each one is here to entertain me.   I rule this virtual kingdom I’ve created. I pull the strings with the click of a button. Make no mistake who is in charge of this world.   The breeze will blow, the birds will sing, the hungry child cries, and I can’t spend…read more

Brighter Today

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  The sun is brighter this morning. Not hotter but brighter.   Yesterday was cold, dark, and dreary. But today is a new day. The colors are more vivid. Reds redder. Greens greener. Blues bluer.   The rain washed the dullness away and now everything looks new. The clouds surround the sky and support this new light.


I’m Not Jack Bauer, You Are.

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I don’t want to boss you around. I simply want to help you do awesome things. I want to be the Scottie Pippen (on the Bulls) to your Michael Jordan (pre-Wizards). I want to be the Tony Almeida (good guy version) or even Chloe O’Brien (less quirky version) to your Jack Bauer. The Trivette to your Walker Texas Ranger. You get the idea. You might not think you need coaching. Even Rambo had Colonel Troutman and the Lone Ranger had Tonto. You might not want to be challenged. I don’t…read more

What Key Question Guides All You Do?

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  I often wonder how can I make a difference? How can I change the world? What can I do to move forward in my dream? But while it is easy to ask “how” or “what”, everything derives from the question “why.” Why gets to the heart of the issue. Why takes away distractions. Why is the reason you get out of bed. Why is your mission statement. Why is your driving force. My why is this—I want to encourage you to use your God-given gifts.  To help you pursue…read more

The Contents of This Book Changed My Life

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The contents of the book Start by Jon Acuff truly changed my life. When I first heard them, I was in the middle of a nervous breakdown. Each heartbeat grew in intensity. I fidgeted to distract myself, but my heart just kept pounding louder and harder. I was depressed and filled with despair. Then I heard Jon Acuff ask a question that grabbed my attention: “What do the voices in your head say?” A young lady in the audience replied,”Mine say I’m not smart enough.” A man in his fifties…read more

7 Things I Wish I Knew as a New Writer

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I’ve been writing seriously for a little over a year and a half. If you don’t know my story, you can read more here. I’ve grown so much in a relatively short amount of time and I’m so honored to know so many fantastic writers. But I’ve also had some challenges along the way: from focusing too much on social media and web traffic, to being obsessed with becoming a carbon copy of the most popular bloggers. I wish I would have focused more on these things instead: 1. Read…read more

I’m the Master of Self-Loathing (and How You Can Not Be Like Me)

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  I woke up this morning in hopes of writing, but instead I paid some bills. I shared a post on Twitter and Facebook. I wasted a fantastic opportunity to really jump start my day but instead did mundane tasks that require little or no energy.   Instead of beating myself up about it, I decided to write about it. I often have an incredible tendency to self-loathe. “When we don’t know who to hate, we hate ourselves.” Chuck Palahniuk What does self-loathing accomplish? Not much at all. It just bottles…read more

The Modern Day Writing Rules (and Why They Don’t Work For Me)

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These are the rules of writing today: 1. Have a blog and post at least 2-3 times a week. 2. Build up web traffic (via Facebook and Twitter). 3. Get as many comments, retweets and likes as possible. 4. Guest post to get even more traffic. 5. Reuse blog posts in ebooks to sell as products. 6. The more products you have the better—even if the products are repetitive. 7. Follow steps 1-6 to get the attention of publishers and build up your audience. I’m sure these rules might work…read more

A Real Creative Hero: A Video Interview with Tim Gallen

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I often talk about creativity on this blog. But I have to be honest; the key is ACTUALLY CREATING, not just talking about creating. Those who create are heroes in my mind. To actually make something and put yourself out there is a very AWESOME thing.  Tim Gallen is one of the most creative people I know. He writes all day for a newspaper (just like Clark Kent). He writes all night. He makes TV shows. I sometimes wonder, when does Tim sleep? The answer—well, he does not sleep very…read more


Faith, Life, and Art Collide

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Over the past week, I encouraged others in an awesome writing group to participate in a blog link up to tackle questions about faith, life, and art. I asked the following questions: How does faith influence your art? What role does it play? Does your faith have implications in what you write? Or just write something about your faith—especially if those questions felt confining. And I’m overwhelmed at the response!   Kirsten LaBlanc wrote this post about the amazing faith of a child. Andrea Hultman shared a poem here as she had…read more