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Smells Like Teen (or Adult) Boredom

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  I tweet on Twitter. I like on Facebook. I wear headphones to listen to audio on my computer. I stare at bright screens filled with shapes and colors. I read countless words on the page and screen. Each one is here to entertain me.   I rule this virtual kingdom I’ve created. I pull the strings with the click of a button. Make no mistake who is in charge of this world.   The breeze will blow, the birds will sing, the hungry child cries, and I can’t spend…read more

Brighter Today

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  The sun is brighter this morning. Not hotter but brighter.   Yesterday was cold, dark, and dreary. But today is a new day. The colors are more vivid. Reds redder. Greens greener. Blues bluer.   The rain washed the dullness away and now everything looks new. The clouds surround the sky and support this new light.


Quiet Moment in a Beautiful Mess

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An Elmo coloring book hides the blueberry stain on the carpet. Teddy Grahams, Goldfish crackers, and popsicle sticks find their way into my shoe. The Little Engine That Could finds refuge under a cloth diaper. The black ottoman makes a great track for Thomas and all of his friends. The bike in the corner reminds me soon I’ll be outside. I listen to the quiet waves over the monitor. Each breath is full of comfort and peace as they sleep. I wait for the pitter-patter to come down the stairs….read more


Faith Defined

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What is faith? Is it religion? Is it opium of the masses? Or is it something in our soul? Faith is hard to define. Sure, love is difficult, but faith is even more complex. It is faith which stops many of us from putting a bullet in our brain. Faith holds us together. Faith helps keep us relatively sane. We all have the heart of a killer. Me? I’m just like Hitler. You? You’re just like Dahmer. We’re as dirty, filthy, and nasty as it gets. Is there any hope…read more


An Observation

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Two small faces laugh at each other. Filled with life and joy. While a mother gazes out the window. Worn down and broken. She attempts to rest—even if just for a moment. She looks back to days gone by. Before she had to hold the pieces together. Now life is filled with Spiderman backpacks and glittery shoes sleepless nights never ending days and loneliness—pain—the rest of us don’t understand. She gathers them up. And they go on their way. Hand in hand.    


5 Ways To Minimize Failure As You Create

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Failure is an unavoidable part of the creative process. But there are some ways you can minimize it: 1. Define your goals. If you don’t have a definable goal, you will ALWAYS fail. When I started out, I wanted to be liked—make that loved—by everyone. How attainable, right? It’s not. 2. Create for yourself first, not an audience. Create something you love. If you do this, it will not be failure. You have already succeeded to some degree. 3. Use your work to help others. You have unique gifts—do good with them. Share your…read more


We All Want The Same Thing

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We all want to be inspired. Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? Michael Jordan, Joe Montana, Ernest Hemingway, Edgar Allan Poe, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Mickey Mantle. What do they all have in common? They inspire people. Well, at least they inspired me. Mediocrity, along with a sense of entitlement, are now considered core values to many. I refuse to accept this. I know we can do better. Inspiration leads to action. If you want my attention, inspire me. If you want to sell something to me, inspire me. If you…read more


For the Discouraged Dreamer

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  It is easy to get discouraged if you are dreaming big dreams. But keep going. Keep grinding. Keep hustling. It matters. Even if you don’t think it does at this moment–it REALLY matters. Keep moving forward. Even if it’s just a small amount. Small over time turns into big.   What’s something you can do—big or small—to keep moving forward in your dream?


Always Brighter Than You Think

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Call it whatever you want: depression, the blues, loneliness, self pity, or any other term. We’ve all felt it. You might even be feeling it today. It’s alright to want to run away from it all. It’s alright to want to give up. But don’t.  It’s always brighter than you think.     Thanks to Collective Soul for such a cool song and video.


About 6 Months Later

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This is a short story I wrote about a year ago and it was my first adventure into fiction. I revised it some and thought I would share it with you. Thank you so much for reading and have a very Merry Christmas! The bitter cold worsened with each step in the snow. The glow of red, green, and blue lights reminded him of a roaring fire—familiar, warm and safe. As Will moved down the street, he couldn’t help but glance in the windows and see families celebrating together. The…read more