Unknown Jim

I’m Not Here To Impress

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I find it really easy to compartmentalize my life. I find it easy to have a “church life” and I only act certain ways there. I have a “home life” and I am totally myself there. In my “online life” how I act might depend on how well I know you. In my “work life” and I am anywhere from 0-100% myself depending on the work I’m doing and how other coworkers are treating me. What if my life was the SAME everywhere? What if I was only my authentic…read more


I Often Avoid Being Quiet

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I often avoid being quiet. I usually prefer a space filled with noise. I try to avoid anywhere I can be exposed. I think of things when it is quiet. I don’t want you to know what I really think. I don’t want you to know the real me. I doubt you would like me. So I often avoid being quiet.   Do you feel the same way or have you learned to embrace the quiet and not run from it?